Fantasy Draft (Thanksgiving sides Edition): Every Thursday morning at 7, Ben and Dana make 3 selections each based on the topic. After their selections, you vote on who had the best draft. Again, Ben got upset at a choice Dana made. You be the judge.

$1000 Minute: Amy from Roseville played today for our new GRAND PRIZE! Two pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT Angel’s and Airwaves Go Show tickets, backstage passes to meet Tom DeLonge and two rooms at the Radisson Red in Downtown Minneapolis.

Backstage passes to see Third Eye Blind at Snow this morning had you singing to meet them. Funny choices, deep cuts and real talent. It was hard to decide who won.

MEAT SWEATS! Ben and Dana spun the WHEEL of MEAT again today. The wheel is stocked full of the best meats thanks to Nelson’s Meats in Saint Louis Park. Ben and Dana give away more meat than any other radio show in America.

Good Spouse/Bad Spouse: This morning Dana told the story of what his wife did while spending $500. His reaction had us wondering if he was a Good Spouse or a Bad Spouse.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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