It’s been a big summer for Cardi B, and in her latest money move she’s enlisted Kehlani for her latest video “Ring!”

The Invasion of Privacy jam gets the video treatment through director Mike Ho. Here, we get classic yesteryear telephone communication-based imagery emphasizing that for all the advances we have in how we speak to each other, getting ghosted on still feels like the worst.

Longtime video fans may notice the telephone cords restricting Cardi and Kehlani’s movements through different parts of the clip, making this video something of a spiritual sequel to No Doubt‘s 1995 video “Spiderwebs.”

– Remaining at the top of the Billboard charts, Travis Scott continues to have the #1 album in the country with Astroworld, while Nicki Minaj debuts at #2.

– If you’ve been pining for a hip-hop song about Chef Boyardee from the unlikely duo of Lil Yachty and Donnie Osmond, today is your lucky day.

– Back on his remix game once again, Wale gives us his remake of Mahalia‘s “I Wish I Missed My Ex.”

– Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards are set to feature an Aretha Franklin tribute.

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