Let’s be frank: Cardi B is a national treasure who we should do everything in our power to protect at absolutely all costs. 

Her infectious hit “Bodak Yellow” was the biggest song of the year, a shine whose beam is only matched by Cardi’s unwaveringly positive personality. The latter’s victory lap occurred last night on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Never one to subdue a laugh, host Jimmy Fallon found himself at a complete loss for words in the presence of Cardi. The rapper’s pure thankfulness for an amazing year and zeal for all the wonderful accomplishments and people in her life is the star we needed on top of our tree. We haven’t senn a Fallon interview so delightfully derailed since Norm Macdonald last June. 

Cardi talked the Grammys, getting engaged to Migos‘ Offset and getting three singles in the Top 10. If you need a recap on all things Cardi – AKA all things good about 2017 we hope continue into the new year – Fast Company did an intensive Cardi recap here.

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