It’s always great news when we get new music from Chance the Rapper, and last night Chicago’s favorite son debuted a track on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that’s so new, it doesn’t even have a title yet. That’s right, Chance is bypassing all the red tape that comes with naming a song and passing the savings along to you!

Joined by Toronto-based cult favorite Daniel Caesar, Chance continued his tradition of debuting new music on the Late Show stage with this new track, reportedly written in 48 hours. A keen ear can even pick-up a handful of moments where Chance flubs his lyrics, but he’s Chance so the mistakes just make him even more endearing, and add to the intimacy of the performance.

Chance also spoke with host Stephen Colbert about his potential foray into politics, their Emmy performance and community activism. While there’s no word yet on when we’re getting more Chance music, if this is what he can do in two days, he’s entering a rare form.

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