Last night’s Emmys had plenty of memorable moments, but our favorite had to be Chance the Rapper‘s interlude during host Stephen Colbert‘s musical number. The opening segment can be a tricky beast at any award show, but Chance gave us something sharp and thoughtful.

By shouting out several shows (we especially appreciate the nod to Brooklyn Nine-Nine),   Chance kept things both on-brand and topical by tying the different programs and titles into a call for social activism. On a night where the entertainment bubble can seem more self-contained than ever, our boy Chance made sure we kept aware of the real world’s issues.

Also, at absolutely no point in his career has Chance defended a certain genocidal German chancellor, making Chance’s Emmy cameo our favorite surprise.

– My NYU roommate Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover also had a big night, taking home Emmy awards for directing and acting.

JAY-Z’s Meadows Music & Arts Festival performance featured a special dedication of “The Story of O.J.” to Colin Kaepernick and Dick Gregory.

– Mr. do-it-yourself Russ is playing well with others on his new John Mayer-assisted Scott Storch-produced track “Wife You Up.” 

Steve Lacy’s kicking things into a faster gear with “4 Real.”

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