If you were a fan of 90s hip-hop, or wish you could have been a part of that era, the new DJ Premier and A$AP Ferg video captures the era absolutely perfectly. 

“Our Streets,” as a single, features everything we love about that classic era of rap music. From showing local love (and really making me miss Harlem) to chilling on the stoop to rapping in the car, the sheer ’90s-ness of the clip channels the best elements of a bygone era into something refreshingly current.

Not even factoring in the video, the song is a top shelf banger. Premier’s hard drums and smooth samples, punctuated by a classic DJ Premier scratch hook, screams of being an instant classic. Ferg’s verses in-between capture everything casually aggressive and thoughtfully gaudy about Harlem.

“Our Streets,” a sure-shot entry into all future worthwhile song-of-the-year lists, comes out on the resurrected Payday Records. A ’90s staple, Payday famously released JAY-Z‘s early “In My Lifetime” single, as well as classics like Jeru the Damaja‘s The Sun Rises in the East and Show and A.G.‘s Goodfellas.   

Juicy J and Cardi B are together at last on “Kamasutra.”

– Fans are shouting “Perfect Duet” for the new Beyoncé song with Ed Sheeran.

G-Eazy and Halsey are getting into the duet spirit as well with “Him & I.”

New Music Friday brings us new projects from Miguel, DRAM and Chief Keef.

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