While other mother-son duets seem to only jingle a small part of the way, DRAM and his mother, BigBabyMom, are jingling all the way, and they have all the bells and whistles to prove it! 

Hot off the heels of their joint three-song Christmas EP, #1HappyHoliday, the familial duo dropped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a Roots-backed rendition of “Silver Bells.”

The festive lights and decorations make the perfect backdrop for such a touching performance. DRAM has always said that his Mom has the best voice in his family, and hearing her nail “Silver Bells” live absolutely proves it. The style, elegance and fun both bring to the holiday standard really makes this one of those cherished TV performances we suspect will be rebroadcast for years to come.

If you want more DRAM moments that are sure to give you the warm holiday frizzies, check out his interview with a bunch of puppies on Hounded.

– Always one to brighten our holidays, Beyoncé lead the Yuletide with Instagram transformations into a dabbing Santa and reindeer.

Year of the Migos 2 is upon us as the trio’s “Stir Fry” was named the official theme of the 2018 NBA All Star Game.

– Decompressing from post-holiday stress? As always, Murs has your back with his new video “Melancholy.” 

– Finally, our condolences to the family and friends of turntable legend Pam the Funkstress, DJ for The Coup and Prince who was an icon of the Bay Area hip-hop scene and sadly passed away on Friday.

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