Yesterday was a major milestone for hip-hop icon Eminem as he took to social media to commemorate being 10 years sober. By displaying his sobriety coin, the token distributed at Alcoholic/Narcotics Anonymous organizations to indicate how long an individual has been substance-free, Em marked his sober anniversary to the encouraging words of fans, many of whom are fighting similar battles.

As Em’s devoted fans are quick to tell you, he mentioned receiving his “one-year sobriety coin chip” on 2009’s “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” The timelines line-up, and the support system in the comments is pretty incredible. Whether it’s Mathers devotees just starting to get clean or supporting a loved one going through years of it, the ripple effect of Eminem’s one tweet speaks volumes.

Eminem also found time to close the second weekend of Coachella. Everything’s coming up Marshall.


– The now Twitter-happy Kanye Westaccording to Kanye – is producing the entire new Nas album.

– This weekend’s Coachella highlight was this duet between a glamorous pairing of Cardi B and SZA.

– In Spotify news, J.Cole has dethroned Taylor Swift for the all-time streaming record.

– Congrats to Macklemore on his new baby!

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