After a month of live performances, we finally have the first official video from Eminem‘s Revival and, unsurprisingly, it’s for the Beyoncé-featured lead single “Walk on Water.” While Queen Bey herself doesn’t appear in the clip, we are given about a dozen different Eminem’s all typing rhymes. No, we’re serious.

Perhaps a take on the infamous Infinite Monkey Theorem, which speculates that a room full of monkeys with typewriters could produce the complete works of Shakespeare if given enough time, “Walk On Water” captures the pressure Eminem feels himself under. In front of a microphone and on the world’s stage, “Walk on Water” is a soundtrack to Em struggling to live up to expectations.

The images of a room full of Eminems punching typewriter buttons walks the line between the fun-loving Eminem of yesteryear and the brooding, conflicted industry icon we’ve known recently. Seeing Em actually walk on the frozen water at the clip’s conclusion functions as the perfect visualization for where Mr. Mathers is at this point in his career, both personally and professionally.

Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Queen Latifah and DMC all paid tribute to LL Cool J as he received Kennedy Center Honors.

Chance the Rapper makes a cameo in Barack Obama‘s My Brothers’ Keeper PSA.

Black Thought caused some unexpected controversy after recently claiming he “invented Mumble Rap.”

– Our thoughts are with Solange as she recovers from her recently revealed neurological disorder.

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