It was a jolly good night in merry old England for Eminem as he stole the show and took home some hardware at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards. Essentially the Video Music Awards for MTV’s international audience, the spectacle marked Eminem’s live performance return to the world’s stage as he debuted a new live version of “Walk On Water” from his forthcoming album Revival.

While Beyoncé wasn’t able to make it across the pond for this go-round, the track’s hook was supplied here by the track’s co-producer Skylar Grey.  From the elaborate pub performance (Slim Shady fans should check out the name of it for an inside joke) to the glaciers plummeting behind him, Eminem puts on some very strong visuals here. He’s also adopted the move-away-from-the-mic-to-breathe technique innovated and popularized by Minnesota’s own Tay Zonday

Eminem also won the Best Hip-Hop Award, which I guess was for his guest verse on the Big Sean album and/or the anti-Trump BET cypher because he hasn’t really put anything out this year, but hey, it’s 2017 and nothing has to make sense. 

Congrats Em! You can catch him next on Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin‘s new podcast, and then this Saturday night as the musical guest for the Chance the Rapper hosted episode of Saturday Night Live.

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– In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, here’s the new Cam’Ron video, “Lean.”

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