We’re only three days into the new year and Frank Ocean already has us wildly speculating on his next move. In true Frank Ocean fashion, he slid us a photo on Tumblr of someone in Times Square wearing a hat reading “If you liked 2017, you’ll love 2018” followed by Frank’s own typed epilogue “new 18-99.”

Naturally, Ocean fans are jumping to the conclusion that this means we’re getting new Frank Ocean music in 2018. This is largely supported by Ocean’s own late-2017 bragging that he has a complete unreleased album waiting in the wings. Next to nothing is known about this project, other than he famously boasted years ago about having five albums before he hit 30, and Ocean turned 30 at the end of last year. Given how long we waited for Blond past its original release date, this information doesn’t necessarily mean a new release is imminent.

That’s also not to say Ocean spent the year resting on his laurels. In addition to his Radio One show, Ocean put out a handful of singles, including “Chanel” which wound up on the year-end best-of playlist of President Barack Obama. Hopefully Obama’s acclaim is just the supportive nudge that Ocean needs to put this fifth album out.

– In a rough start to the new year, a Jeopardy contestant lost $3,200 for mispronouncing Coolio‘s hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” as “Gangster’s Paradise.”

– In the year’s first big name-change Rich Chigga now wishes to be called Brian.

– Looks like Brockhampton closed out the year in style again with their second annual Brockhampton Prom.

– You can start making your festival plans now with Eminem,  as he’ll be headlining both Governor’s Ball and Coachella.

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