The words “better late than never” seldom apply in the fast-paced world of hip-hop, but fans are rejoicing that today sees the release of a video from Miguel‘s 2017 album War & Leisure that we never thought we’d receive visuals for. Fortunately, the stars aligned to make the the timing perfect as Salaam Remi and J. Cole join him for “Come Through and Chill.”

It’s been one week of impressive J. Cole visuals, and the Kevin Calero-directed “Come Through and Chill” is no exception. Something about the way J. Cole looks and carries himself makes him the perfect subject for lighting, resulting in the shot of him just leaning on a payphone on stage seem like a work of art.

Fortunately, the song is great as well. It’s as chill as the title and line-up would have you believe. While this week does happen to be perfect timing to drop anything J. Cole related, we hope this begins a trend of artists going back to albums released six months prior to create videos.

– Call it “God’s Plan,” Drake just surpassed Bruno Mars for most weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 for male artists this decade.

– Get ready to thump as Thundercat brings us the latest from the adult swim singles program “Final Fight.”

– The roommates are back together as MC Paul Barman and Juice Crew veteran Masta Ace team up for “Antennas.”

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