Hip-hop power couple Jhené Aiko and Big Sean broadcasted their romance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night. Stopping by to perform their duet “Moments” from Aiko’s album TRIP, the affection was on full display. From Aiko mouthing along with Sean’s verse, to Sean’s off-mic “good job” at the song’s conclusion, these two might win a Noble Prize for chemistry.

Before the performance, Aiko told Instagram that she intended the Kimmel session to be the debut her new alter-ego “Penny.” Based on a nickname given to her by her grandfather, Aiko has stated that “Penny is the singer in her “purest, most authentic form.” As TRIP is a project entirely from Penny’s perspective, it semi-autobiographically details her dealing with her brother’s 2012 death of an inoperable brain tumor.

For more Aiko, her short film TRIP can be seen here.  Her Big Sean tattoo is also viewable here.

– Those lovable scamps Wiz Khalifa and Pharrell are teasing a collaboration.

– If you’re longing for more Curren$y after his show at The Cabooze last week, he just dropped his new Lex Luger-produced video for “In The Lot.”

Smoke DZA is dropping a new song for every day he’s on tour, and he’s starting with a remake of ODB‘s “Got Your Money” called “Flair Country.”

– Joining DZA on tour are The Lox, reunited and dropping their own new trackHit a Roach.”

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