This is what it sounds like when Joey Bada$$ and Prince collide.

In a very unexpected performance, the Baddest of the Asses reworked The Purple One’s signature classic for Australian radio station triplej‘s Like a Version cover series. Backed by a full band, Joey channels elements of “When Doves Cry,” but reworks it enough to create a version that stands on its own.

According to Joey, he’s had “When Thugs Cry” in his back pocket for a while now, originally recording it for his 2017 All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ album. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the Prince estate refused to clear the sample. Shocking, right? I hope you weren’t drinking anything while reading that.

Luckily, Joey’s band had the reworked arrangement down cold, and he belted the track out like it’s his only shot to put it out there. Given how strict the handlers of Prince’s music are, that might very well be the case. Please enjoy it before it gets taken down, and then enjoy Joey’s probably more permanent performance of his track “Temptation.” 

– In another money move, Cardi B has landed her first movie deal

– Also in movie news, MGK has officially been cast as rocker Tommy Lee in Netflix‘s forthcoming biopic of 80s metal band Mötley Crüe

– If dramatic television is more your thing, Netflix has also unveiled their new Snoop Dogg football series Coach Snoop.

– Start your weekend off right with brand new Fat Joe and Dre, as they channel Tupac on “Pick It Up.”

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