There’s a lot to be said about 2017, but if you took the handful of positive elements, your fingers would be full of Kendrick Lamar. Now, to close the year out, Kung-Fu Kenny is prepping a new special edition release of his new masterpiece DAMN. like you’ve never heard it before.

According to Microsoft’s online marketplace, this new version features the tracklisting in reverse. This would be a bigger surprise had Kendrick not cryptically explained last August that he prefers to listen to the album in reverse order, citing the album’s “full story” has a better “rhythm” and “tempo.”

This new version, boasting a new black-and-white cover, is said to emphasize the album’s duality and contrast. Additionally, the run-time clocks in at an additional four minutes. While some speculate this means we’re getting new guest verses on the project, we’re wildly guessing that this means the pre-album track “The Heart Part IV” has somehow been worked into the tracklisting.

– If you’ve been itching for some new Mac Miller, he blessed longtime homie CLOCKWORKDJ on the new slapper “DANCE.”

– In a touching tribute to the late Lil Peep, punk rockers Good Charlotte covered “Awful Things.”

– Thank you Based Boston, Lil B and his blessing are taking credit for the Celtics‘ success.

Fabolous and Jadakiss came through with a new remix of “All About It” featuring French Montana and the late Chinx on what would have been the rapper’s 34th birthday.

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