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The red-haired hyper-positive Lil Yachty has always carried himself as something of a superhero, and now the animated DC Comics universe has made it official!

Leading the Teen Titans Go! To The Movies soundtrack, Yachty provides the “Go (Remix),” naming off all of the Teen Titans and their heroic abilities.

Yachty himself will also be in the film, voicing the Green Lantern. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies hits theaters on July 27.


– In cool school news, SZA was just inducted into her high school Hall of Fame.

– In a match Taylor-Made in Heaven, Ty Dolla $ign is teasing a project with Kanye West.

The Daily Show‘s Roy Woods Jr. shared a story on why you don’t prank call Rap-A-Lot head J. Prince.

– The trio Jamo Gang – consisting of Ras Kass, J57 and El Gant, give us a tour of New York in their new video.

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