It’s a dystopian landscape for Logic in his new “Take It Back” video. The visceral images correlate with the track’s brutal historical imagery.

The track’s hook details the origins of racial demonization and injustice. His verses carry the powerful personal weight of how he’s been antagonized for being biracial. 

As Logic grows as an artist, his fearless tackling of these subjects has been lauded by longtime fans. Having them juxtaposed with a suburb of plane crashes and gun violence adds a disturbing layer, furthering the track’s emotive capabilities.

Fans wanting to see it live won’t have to wait long as Logic comes to town with Joey Bada$$ and Big Lenbo next month.

Lil Uzi Vert pushed us to the edge by debuting five new tracks over the weekend.

Puffy also surprised us with new music, unveiling a new Cassie and G-Eazy collaboration.

– The rare sight of a Frank Ocean performance brought out Brad Pitt to the FYF Fest.

– With the forthcoming Timbaland vs Swizz Beats beat-battle approaching, Kendrick Lamar and Nas weighed in on their predictions.

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