Is there anyone more excited about their music than Miguel? We doubt it, if his latest performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live is any indication! Joined by Travis Scott and introduced by guest host Tracee Ellis Ross, Miguel brought a new arrangement of “Sky Walker” to the Los Angeles stage.

In an age where artists have become increasingly guarded about showing their emotions through television and social media, it’s refreshing to see Miguel’s unapologetic zeal as he brings his new song to a new audience. Miguel might be his own biggest fan, but it doesn’t appear to come from a place of arrogance or narcissism. Instead, Miguel shows sheer pride in his work. It makes the entire appearance really, really fun.

There’s also the cool contrast between Miguel’s engaging earnest vocals and Travis’ stylized effects. Between the two, you have the overwhelming sounds of 2017 in one glorious L.A. outburst. Both galvanizing and chill at the same time, this performance makes Miguel an artist you want to root for even more. 

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– In another money move, Cardi B has two Billboard hits in the Top 10 at the same time.

– Big Poppa Lebron is your hip-hop hook up as Lebron James previewed the new Big Sean and Metro Boomin project on his Instagram.

– Canada Rules Everything Around Me as Drake has Apple Music‘s top album of 2017.

– If you needed more Power this holiday season, 50 Cent has returned with a new Jeremih-assisted video “Still Think I’m Nothing.”

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