The latest Murs album, Captain California, has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. With over a dozen albums, Murs has continued to show why he’s one of underground hip-hop’s most consistent artists. His new home on Strange Music has helped fuel that creativity, as seen in his new video “Shakespeare on the Low.”

Assisted by some infectious vocals from Rexx Life Raaj, the Wax Roof production makes for a perfect high-tension west coast chiller. Murs reimagines the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet as a story between star-crossed teens caught in the middle of Los Angeles gang warfare.

The visuals do a great job at emphasizing exactly how young the protagonists in the original Romeo and Juliet play were, something often lost in Hollywood adaptations or not properly emphasized in 9th grade English classes (*cough* Ms. Zosel *cough*) making Murs’ version downright educational. Plus, his air-guitar game has never been more on point.

MF DOOM‘s adult swim singles series continues with “Notebook 06.”

– Titles don’t get more throwback than this as Rock of Heltah Skeltah is joined by M.O.P. for “Fax Machine.”

Macklemore and a returning Kesha bring us back to the “Good Old Days.”

– If you caught the latest episode of Adventure Time, you may have caught the rap battle with Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle and Rek Stizzy.

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