In addition to being a legit contender for the most consistent rapper of the year, Rihanna had a major impact all across the multimedia map in 2017. One particular contribution to a better tomorrow came from her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line. Out of appreciation, a Czech artist decided to close the year by reflecting Rihanna’s beauty back at her through the products.

Prague-based tattoo and make-up specialist Alena Wedderburn took to Instagram to show off a downright impressive Rihanna portrait made entirely of her Fenty Beauty line. Fenty’s groundbreaking inclusion of different shades of foundation, lipsticks and palettes allowed access to a level of diversity seldom seen in the medium. Thus, Wedderburn found her own flesh to be the perfect canvass to pay tribute to Bad Girl Riri.

It’s not Wedderburn’s first time dabbling in the Rihannic arts. In 2013, she drew a canvass portrait of the singer which she later tattooed on a fan. Between that and this year Time naming Fenty one of the year’s best products, it leads further evidence to the claim everyone loves Rihanna.

– It’s official, SZA‘s “The Weekend” has become her first #1 hit.

– In addition to revealing he co-wrote Post Malone‘s “Rockstar,” Joey Bada$$ has unearthed his 2013 Kirk Knight collaboration “Gazzliona.” 

– To calm your fears about the new year, Gucci Mane has declared he’s working on a new project due out in 2018.

Cypress Hill have announced their first album in seven years and revealed the cover art for their forthcoming Elephants on Acid.

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