Live from New York, it’s a double shot of hip-hop! That’s right, and I’m still in disbelief typing this, but on November 18 Saturday Night Live is bringing us Chance the Rapper and Eminem on the same night. 

While we have no idea how NBC pulled this off, SNL will feature Chance hosting, giving us his ol’ Chicago charm in skits, while Mr. Mathers handles the musical duties. Both have appeared on the show several times in the past, but this will be Chance’s first endeavor as a host, rather than musical performer.

Speculation is running wild over the choice to book two hip-hop powerhouses on the same night. Does this mean Chance might join Eminem for a song from his forthcoming album Revival? Chance has toured with Eminem in the past, but according to Chance they didn’t even meet during that time. 

Somewhat surprisingly, President Donald Trump has yet to comment on the announcement. We imagine Eminem will do something during his live performance that will make our following week’s Thanksgiving dinner discussion that much more lively.

– Looks like Lupe Fiasco is returning as well, surprising fans with two new tracks.

– Fright fans will be “happy” to know Pharrell is producing his first horror film Surviving the Night.

– Always fun to type this sentence weekly, Smoke DZA has two new tracks, one of which references P.O.D. in the title.

– If you like your ambition chopped and screwed, Lil Flip announced five forthcoming projects.

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