Last night, Wiz Khalifa‘s near-mythological “lost” Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon performance of “Something New” finally hit the airwaves. 

Recorded last November but left unaired due to host Jimmy Fallon’s family emergency, the clip featuring Ty Dolla $ign and our own DJ Bonics was thought to perhaps never hit screens across the country. That is until last night when we finally…Hey DJ Bonics is in a Go shirt! And he’s saying “Go! Go! Go!” throughout the entire performance! 

Subliminal product placement aside, it’s a testament to “Something New’s” staying power that the track is just as hot on the verge of the Christmas season as it was through an unseasonably warm fall. Hearing Bonics on the cut, and the additional live instrumentation really gave the track a whole new level of grooves.

Fallon’s introduction and post-performance congratulations appear to have been recorded more recently, but were seamlessly edited through the magic of television. You can read all about Bonics’ experience flying to New York for the Tonight Show performance here

– At this point, just seeing Chance the Rapper‘s name warms our hearts. The emcee brought Christmas to Chicago high school students early with unreleased Jordans.

– In a somewhat surprising but well-deserved acknowledgment, Time Magazine has named SZA‘s Ctrl the album of the year.

– In today’s reminder how small the rap world is, DJ Premier revealed that decades ago Travis Scott‘s father was the person who taught him how to play drums.

– One of the longest standing rap beefs has ended as JAY-Z was photographed with Jaz-O last night in Chicago.

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