You already know that Lil Wayne didn’t hit the stage, so let’s focus on what actually happened Friday night at Target Center. Hip-hop chart-toppers Rick Ross and Jeezy as well as local favorite Prof still brought a night of unbridled beats-and-rhyme bliss.

Even minus Weezy, this was one of the most star-studded rap concerts in the venue’s history, and there were some other interesting goings-on worth mentioning.

Here are our five takeaways.

Rick Ross has an amazing catalog

If you didn’t realize just how many moments in your life the Boss has soundtracked, you do now. Rick Ross repped his catalog hard Friday night. From “Hustlin,” to “B.M.F.” to “All I Do is Win,” the agile and positively svelte Ross had the crowd into the first 45 minutes or so of his set perfectly. While they did seem a touch fatigued by the end of it (as well as the anti-climatic conclusion of Ross not even saying goodbye) you’d be hard-pressed to hear someone describe Ross as giving it anything but his all for his set.

Prof can really, really win over a crowd

As beloved of a headliner as Prof has proven to be here in Minnesota, there’s still some audiences unfamiliar with his stage show. The newbies on Friday all were a bit slow to get what was happening until Prof mentioned he was a Southsider, and then it all clicked through the rest of his set, followed by Prof handing out free CDs outside section 104.

Jeezy’s mid-2000s hits are officially nostalgic sing-alongs

Young Jeezy is now a confirmed catalog artist, having all of the Target Center crowd, without prompting, singing along to “Go Getta,” “Go Crazy,” “And Then What” and all of his early hits.

Target Center knows how to safely evacuate a building when there’s a no-show

Before the Wayne announcement was made, the alcohol was cut off early, the escalators all were in the “down only” setting, and the piped-in music was switched to clean versions. Pretty effective plan.

Target Center popcorn is delicious

Still the most underrated and unheralded aspect of the venue is its truly wonderful popcorn. Had Wayne known about the Target Center’s best kept secret, he might have been persuaded to be there.

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