Lists of the best food and drink items in the Twin Cities are constantly coming out, but there’s a problem. Myself, Dana and Giselle always feel like a bunch of great options that locals need to know about are left off.

To remedy this, the three of us sat down and put together our own list of the best 69 food and drink menu items in the great state of Minnesota. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Here are they in random order:

1. Parlour Burger (Parlour Bar, North Loop)
2. Blackened buffalo wings (Iron Door, Uptown)
3. Pizza, preferably Mac and Cheese (Up-Down, Uptown)
4. Popcorn (Mortimers, Lyndale)
5. Nacho cheese (Holiday Gas Station, Various)
6. Arena hot dogs (Target Center, Downtown Minneapolis)
7. 589 wing flavors, any (D-Spot, Oakdale)
8. Shots of Fireball (First Avenue, Downtown Minneapolis)
9. Cheese on a Stick (State Fair, Falcon Heights)
10. Scrambled eggs (5th Street Station, North Loop)
11. Breakfast Burrito c. 2016 (5th Street Station, North Loop)
12. Jack Links Peppered Jerky (Assorted gas stations and grocery stores, Various)
13. Corn on the cob with butter and salt (State Fair, Falcon Heights)
14. Brisket Nachos (Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room, Northeast Minneapolis)
15. Anything on the menu (Hibachi Daruma Food Truck, Wherever they park it)
16. Paul Molitor Burger (Shamrocks, St. Paul)
17. Tennessee Hot Wings (Handsome Hog, St. Paul)
18. Tater tots (Iron Door, Uptown)
19. Random tacos (Some food truck Dana hit up when he was drunk, Unknown)
20. Roast Beef (Maverick’s Real Roast Beef, Roseville)
21. Rotisserie Chicken Wings (The Freehouse, North Loop)
22. Burger (Constantine, Downtown Minneapolis)
23. The Inferno (Heggie’s Pizza, Various retailers/bars)

24. SushiRito (Sota Rol, Edina/Dinkytown)
25. Brisket Pho (Pho Hoa, Eat Street)
26. 1/2 lb. Bacon and Cheese Omelette (Cuzzy’s, North Loop)
27. Every single thing on the damn menu (Q Fanatic, Downtown Minneapolis)
28. The entire menu, 24 hours a day (American Pie Pizza, Bloomington)
29. Lobster Mac and Cheese (Smack Shack, North Loop)
30. The No. 5 Pizza (Black Sheep, Eat Street/North Loop/St. Paul)
31. Beer Cheese Sauce (Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille, Minnetonka)
32. Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Biscuits (Hardee’s, Various)
33. Jucy Lucy (Matt’s Bar, Powderhorn Park)
34. Cauliflower (Young Joni, Northeast Minneapolis)
35. Patticake (Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, Various)
36. Fried Chicken Taco and Chorizo Nachos (R Taco, St. Paul/Northeast Minneapolis)
37. Boozy Shakes (Nicollet Diner, Downtown Minneapolis)
38. Nachos (Bar Luchador, Dinkytown)
39. Anything with pastrami (Eli’s East, Northeast Minneapolis)
40. Nachos (Smoking Cow Food Truck, whenever they decided to park it)
41. Any of their delicious salads (Crisp and Green, North Loop/Edina)
42. Bayou’s Benedict (Dixie’s on Grand, St. Paul)
43. Fried Rice (Saji-Ya, St. Paul)
44. Nachos (Eagle Street Grilled, St. Paul)
45. Buffalo Wings (Runyon’s, North Loop)
46. Petey’s Cajun Prime Rib Breakfast (Spring Street Tavern, Northeast Minneapolis)
47. Breakfast Burrito with bacon added (The Lowry, Uptown)

48. The whole damn menu (Glam Doll Donuts, Eat Street/Northeast Minneapolis)
49. Al’s Breakfast (Al’s Breakfast, Dinkytown)
50. Braised beef and Summit Beer Cheese Poutine (Red Cow, Various)
51. Bun (Bona Vietnamese Restaurant, Minneapolis)
52. Uh…Hot dogs (Deja Vu, North Loop)
53. $5 bucket of buffalo wings during the football season (Cowboy Slim’s, Uptown)
54. The pizza (That one pizza place that always looks good when we walk by, but we still haven’t tried it, Downtown Minneapolis)
55. All-you-can-eat breadsticks (Olive Garden, Various)
56. Pulled Pork Sandwich (McCormick’s, Edina)
57. Pad Thai (Amazing Thailand, Uptown)
58. Beef and Cheds (Arby’s, Various)
59. Samples (Costco, Various)
60. Vodka soda (Fine Line, Downtown Minneapolis)
61. Breakfast Sandwich (Lowry Hill Meats, Uptown)
62. Fried Chicken (Revival, Kingfield/St. Paul)
63. Mac and Cheetos (Burger King, Various)
64. Naked Chicken Chalupa (RIP) (Taco Bell, Various)
65. Waffle Fries (CC Club, LynLake)
66. Big Island (Lagos Tacos, LynLake)
67. Brunch Buffet (Famous Dave’s, Uptown location only)
68. Pink Drink – secret menu only (Volstead’s Emporium, LynLake)
69. Snuffy’s Malt (Snuffy’s Malt Shop, Various)

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