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Indie-rockers Death Cab for Cutie have a brand new album called Thank You for Today arriving on August 17th, and the band has been road-testing some of their new material with a few warm-up concerts this summer ahead of their major fall tour.

During a darkly-lit and intimate gig at London club Scala, Ben Gibbard and crew cruised through ‘Cab classics like “Ghosts of Beverly Drive,” and “Soul Meets Body” along with quality deep cuts like “Company Calls.”

The real feature here, however, is the trio of new songs, starting relatively early with a dark and grooving song that fans are calling “I Dreamt We Spoke Again.” Later in the set they debut another (working title “Summer Years”), along with a spirited run through their latest single, “Gold Rush.”

Check out the full set list below, courtesy of YouTuber maquiladora21.

Black Sun (0:24)
I Dreamt We Spoke Again (5:30*NEW*
The Ghosts of Beverly Drive (8:39)
Doors Unlocked and Opened (12:44)
Gold Rush (19:23) *NEW*
Crooked Teeth (23:50)
Company Calls (27:16)
President of What? (30:59)
Codes and Keys (35:16)
I Will Follow You Into the Dark (39:45)
I Will Possess Your Heart (43:38)
Summer Years (53:09) *NEW*
You Are A Tourist (57:45)
A Movie Script Ending (1:02:48)
Cath… (1:07:35)
Soul Meets Body (1:11:40)
The Sound of Settling (1:16:06)


Title and Registration (1:21:07)
Marching Bands of Manhattan (1:24:52)
Transatlanticism (1:29:13)

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