Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP

On the nineteenth day of June, the Gods of Alternative broke the clouds with a brilliant bolt of light, and spake thusly upon their flock:

You, our people, have been faithful and pure of heart! Rejoice, for we have provided you a messenger named Florence, and she cometh bearing a great bounty. Share in this joyous “Big God,” and buyth the new album High as Hope on the Twenty Ninth day of June.

Then, with great thundering and much fanfare, the Gods of Alternative continued:

The Twenty Ninth of June is also our most holy of days, yea and let it be known as GO FEST ’18! PURCHASE THINE TICKETS, OR RISK OUR WRATH! It will most assuredly be lit, fam.

Portugal. The Man had a tough act to follow when they performed with Bruce Springsteen at the newly reopened Ashbury Lanes!

– In honor of fallen frontman Scott HutchisonFrightened Rabbit‘s upcoming festival set in London has been replaced by a mental health panel.

– Indie-rocker Kurt Vile will be hitting the road for a massive tour that will bring him to Minneapolis in December.

– Local Glam-pop innovator and former Night Moves member Suzie debuted a shiny new track featuring former locals Tiny Deaths.

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