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CAN YOU HEAR THE HORSES? Florence + The Machine have returned with the gorgeous and vulnerable “Sky Full of Song,” and our dog days are finally over!

The new song will be released as an exclusive 7″ (you know, the mini-vinyls that look like frisbee golf discs) for Record Store Day 2018 on April 21st. For those of you youngins’ without a fetish for antiquated media, the cool thing a bout 7″ singles is that they always have a “B Side,” which in this case contains the yet-to-be-released Flo-tune “New York Poem (For Polly).”

No word as to whether these two new songs are signaling the rollout of another F+TM full-length at this particular juncture, but the band did release an intimate accompanying clip for “Sky” with an artsy classic cinema feel.

The Arcade Fire were briefly blessed onstage last night by rock goddess Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders for a cover of her band’s classic “Don’t Get Me Wrong.”

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is fronting a new project called The Longshot with his son Joey on drums, and they released a new EP!

– Speaking of pop-punk spin-offs, Halfnoise, the side project of Zach Farro from Paramore, is gearing up for a new release!

Brandon Flowers of The Killers is trying his hand at songwriting and producing again, this time with Killers’ opening act Juanita Stein.

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