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Shake it out everyone, we’ve got a brand new single from Florence + The Machine to celebrate, along with the announcement of a new album as well!

The British outfit masterminded by Florence Welch will be releasing their fourth album High as Hope on June 29th, after a three year break from new music following How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. According to a statement released by the band, High as Hope will be the first F+TM record to feature high-profile guest stars including Jamie xx, Drake-fav Sampha and afro-jazz virtuoso Kasami Washington.

Following the stately “Sky Full of Song,” released by the band for Record Store Day 2018, Florence + The Machine’s new single “Hunger” finds the band in familiarly anthemic territory, with a huge chorus that winks and nods in the direction of Bruce Springsteen‘s “Hungry Heart.” 

Along with a gorgeous music video, Florence + The Machine also released a statement about the song’s lyrics during their album announcement this morning.

“This song is about the ways we look for love in things that are perhaps not love, and how attempts to feel less alone can sometimes isolate us more,” Welch stated. “I guess I made myself more vulnerable in this song to encourage connection, because perhaps a lot more of us feel this way than we are able to admit. Sometimes when you can’t say it, you can sing it.”

Arctic Monkeys debuted some of their new material live in Los Angeles last night.

Liam Gallagher of Oasisnew documentary is debuting at fancy film festival Cannes.

– Punk Rock lifers Against Me are hitting the road this summer!

– Weirdo indie-rockers Protomartyr debuted a new song featuring Kelly Deal of The Breeders.


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