Groovy British dance-rockers FOALS will be returning with their fifth studio album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Pt. 1 in a few short weeks. In advance of this super cool new record, the band sat down with DIY Magazine for an extended chat.

Frontman Yiannis Philippakis outlined a record that sounds more sonically and thematically expansive than anything the band has released so far. So much so, in fact, that the album had to be split into two distinct halves! Philippakis also noted that the Everything Not Saved will be the band’s most political album to date.

“10 years ago, when we were writing Antidotes, the perilousness of the environment or the political mayhem that’s going on wasn’t as pressing as it is now,” the singer told DIY.

“But there’s an urgency to these things now that needed to be expressed artistically, and I wanted the landscape of the record to be set in cities that are on fire and abandoned streets that are no longer inhabited, because then the record becomes a mirror to the world and that’s when it excites me.”

FOALS will stop through First Avenue in April. Check out their super cool video for “Exits” below!

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