Last week, the NFL announced that pop-rockers Maroon 5 had been booked to perform as the halftime act for 2019’s Super Bowl and the world let out a collective “Meh…”. Naturally, this led to some speculation about what other stadium-level artists could have snagged the gig, and our friends at KROQ in Los Angeles asked Foo Fighters the big question: Have you ever gotten the big offer?

According to Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, the ‘Foos have indeed been in conversations with folks at the NFL about a potential Super Bowl gig, but nothing has materialized. In fact, the way Grohl spits it, it kind of sounds like the NFL has been a bit of a tease about the whole thing.

“I’ve had multiple conversations over the years with them where they say, ‘We want to have a rock and roll band. Do you think you could do it? Do you think you could do a stadium?” Grohl told KROQ, “We’re like, ‘Oh my god, I think we’re gonna do the Super Bowl!’ And then it’ll be Madonna [who played in 2012] or Katy Perry [2015] or someone like that.”

Grohl went on to imply that some of his rowdy rock’n’roll behavior from a few yeas ago might have been the cause of their continual snub.

“I actually got really hammered at the party in France once, and got to meet the dude that does the Super Bowl thing,” he explained. “I was like, ‘I don’t even want to do the Super Bowl! I used to want to do it. Now I don’t want to do it anymore!’”

– According to the GallaghersOasis has been offered $25 Million (?!?) to reunite.

– Panic! at the Disco has fired their touring guitarist because of his sexual misconduct.

– Portugal. The Man made an appearance on Seth Myers last night to perform “So Young.”

– Superorganism also hopped on TV to perform “Everybody Wants to be Famous” on Conan.

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