Our gaming #GoFam are by now most certainly aware of the hit sensation that is Fortnite, a multiplayer game that has “the teens” going absolutely insane. Various celebrities and athletes have confessed to being hooked on the game, and now it looks like a few of our favorite musicians are as well!

EDM superstar Marshmello, who helped our buddies in Bastille write and producer their hit track “Happier,” is a known Fortnite junkie who even “performed a concert” within the game.

Now, it looks like Marshmello’s Fortnite-loving fans are sending some love back by performing a cover of the song with an in-game mod that allows players to perform single notes by jumping up and down on a giant piano. When you synchronize a bunch of these jumps, you get the melody to “Happier.” Great work, you big nerds!

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