Photo by Tony Nelson/

Ah, the winter holidays! The perfect time to contemplate peace on earth, goodwill towards everyone, and a few of our favorite things. Those favorite things include a new entry to the holiday music cannon from a very unlikely source: Queens of the Stone Age!

We have to admit, when we think of Josh Homme and his boogie-rocking band, the words “wholesome” and “holidays” don’t exactly spring to mind. Especially when you add in punk rock legend and Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle, but hey, the holidays bring out the best in all of us, right? The festive new single will drop this Friday and feature covers of “Silent Night” and “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with additional help from Australian bluesman C.W. Stoneking.

All proceeds from the sale of this single will go to help various charities, including Homme’s Sweet Stuff Foundation, which helps music industry folks weather the storm of family illness and injury.

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