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Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has spent the last few years passionately advocating for the rights and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ youth, and now his efforts have been commemorated in the HBO documentary Believer, which aired for the first time last night.

The film follow’s Reynolds’ journey as a person of strong Mormon faith who comes to recognize that a large portion of his fans are queer-identifying folks. The singer (who identifies as a cis heterosexual man) begins to wrestle with the orthodox tenets of his religion that expressly forbid homosexuality, and comes to realize that he has the power to affect positive change in the Mormon community.

Believer‘s central catalyst is Reynolds’ LoveLoud music festival, held last year for the first time in Orem, Utah. We’d explain more, but we don’t want to give away too much of this truly moving documentary’s story. Check it out now on HBO.

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