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Well beautiful ones, we’re not quite sure how to feel about the latest news from the estate of Minnesota’s resident musical icon, Prince. The news broke late yesterday that Universal Pictures had procured the rights to several classic Prince tunes for use in a ‘fictitious movie.’ According to Universal, these films are intended to be narrative vehicles themed around the songs and style of The Purple Yoda rather than his life and personal story, which Ava Duvernay will be covering in her upcoming documentary. In layman’s terms, that means that Universal is putting together a film like Mamma Mia! or Across the Universe for the Prince oeuvre.

So far, the reaction from the Purple People has been mixed at best. Some folks are decrying the move as a commercial bastardization of Prince’s musical legacy, and it may certainly be, but as local music editor Keith Harris aptly pointed out in City Pages yesterday, Prince kinda loved having his music in movies. Heck, they didn’t even need to be good movies (Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge, anyone?).

So, what do you think, #GoFam? Is this potential movie a gross cash grab, or a fun way to honor a musician who loved the movies?

Are you down with a Prince-themed version of 'Across the Universe'?

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