Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Garage rocker Jack White has been having quite the week so far, and it’s only Tuesday! The former White Stripes frontman has been reworking the band’s late-period classic “Icky Thump” on tour for the past couple of years to take jabs at President Donald Trump, and during his Governor’s Ball set over the weekend, White really stuck it to 45.

Vamping on the song’s sneering line “You can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too,” White spat “That was for you Trump!” further mocking the Commander in Chief with a refrain of “Icky Trump.”

Apparently, this all was totally cool with Cincinnati mayor John Cranley, who presented White with the ceremonial Key to the City of Cincinnati on Monday. The honor was bestowed upon the Detroit rocker in accordance with his support of iconic Cincinnati rock and blues label King Records.

– Some MN-based Prince fans got a little love from Rolling Stone this week!

Gorrilaz announced the lineup for their Demon Dayz festival in England.

– Grimes has been previewing a couple of song snippets for her diehard fans via social media.

– Alt-rock pioneer Liz Phair totally shredded at the Turf Club last night.

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