Photo by Darin Kamnetz

The future of Musicology in the Twin Cities just got a little brighter, as North Minneapolis middle school Anwatin will be receiving a new music room named after legendary Minneapolis musician Prince Rogers Nelson.

This generous donation was made by the In a Perfect World Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Prince’s ex-wife Manuela Testolini, with help from Prince’s former guitarist and friend André Cymone. In addition to the usual orchestral instruments, the music room will also feature brand new guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, drums and other percussion equipment to help encourage students to follow in Prince’s music footsteps.

Cymone, who grew up around the corner from Anwatin, also led some of the school’s students through a jam session to help test out their new gear. The guitarist considered the donation to be just as important to preserving the musical legacy of Prince as continuing to perform his songs, and assured WCCO TV reporters that The Purple Yoda would have approved of their efforts.

“He would be really truly honestly appreciative,” Cymone told reporters, “I mean, it’s great to go play his music and to do all of that and that’s wonderful and it’s a beautiful thing for his musical legacy, but I think the extension to that is to give back to kids.”

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