As the due-date for Muse‘s new LP Simulation Theory draws ever closer, the long-running British alt-rock trio has been rattling off high-concept, sci-fi and horror influenced videos like they’re pitching a new series for Netflix. In the latest episode of their vaguely-interwoven music video series, Muse teamed up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and national treasure Terry Crews to take down a bunch gremlins.

As always with Muse, the video for “Pressure” contains numerous easter eggs for die-hard fans. From movie references (Gremlins and Back to The Future) to visual tie-ins to other Simulation videos like “Thought Contagion” , and all the way past a reference about their band’s original name (The Rocket Baby Dolls), Muse isn’t skimping on the goodies. Plus, did we mention you get to see Terry Crews strap on a proton pack and blast baddies, Ghostbusters-style?

– Speaking of new videos, Weezer released a self-referential throwback for their cover of “Africa.”

– Oh, and LCD Soundsystem also released an artsy new video directed by Rian Johnson of Star Wars: The Last Jedi fame.

– Twenty One Pilots have announced their opening acts for their upcoming Trench tour and AWOLNation is on the list!

– Tatiana DeMaria just dropped a new song called “Make Me Feel.”

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