Photo by Krista Schlueter / Stereogum

At just 20 years-old, Sophie Allison already gets to cross one pretty big goal off of her bucket list: Open for one of her biggest musical heroes on a massive arena stage.

A Nashville-based songwriter who performs under the name Soccer Mommy, Allison has been riding a wave of internet hype and dizzying streaming numbers thanks to her plaintive, arrestingly poised guitar pop. Earlier this month, Soccer Mommy landed an opening slot on Paramore‘s After Laughter tour, and the intrepid folks from Stereogum caught up with Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams and Allison before a show in Brooklyn.

Part of Stereogum’s fantastic “In Conversation” series, the interview was conducted by journalist Gabriela Tully Claymore, and the three women cover a fascinating range of topics, including Allison’s teenage worship of Williams and the duo’s favorite Nashville Thai restaurant.

– Wow, Billie Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is really leaning into this whole “looking like Voldemort” thing on their new video, huh?

– Not content to just release killer albums, Panic! at the Disco has founded their own human rights organization.

– Florence + The Machine may be on the most swoon-worthy late night show tour of all time.

– Calpurnia, the indie rock band featuring Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things has released a new video.

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