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Well folks, it finally happened! After almost 30 years in the ‘biz several live performances on the show, Weezer have finally found themselves the subject of a skit on Saturday Night Live

The clip, which aired over the weekend, features guest host Matt Damon and cast member Leslie Jones hashing out a debate over Christmas dinner that has plagued fans of alternative rock for decades: Does any of the music released by Weezer after Pinkerton have artistic merit? 

In the clip, Damon plays the enthusiastic “Late-Period” Weezer fan who prefers the band after the addition of bassist Scott Shiner, from the Green Album onward. Damon’s character loves the band’s recent cover of Toto’s “Africa“, and can’t wait to hear their brand new Black Album in 2019

Jones, in contrast, plays the jaded-hipster “Early-Period” fan who thinks the band’s best album was Pinkerton, and who rejects all material recorded after the departure of original bassist Matt Sharp. Naturally, the argument gets extremely feisty, and ruins Christmas dinner. 

Since the Saturday night, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has sounded off on Twitter about how hilarious he found the sketch to be, and so has Matt Sharp. Looks like the band’s legendary sense of humor is still intact. 

Time for you to sound off, #GoFam: Which period of Weezer do you prefer? 

Which era of Weezer to you like best?

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