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Last night, UK alt-pop superstars The 1975 played the first show of their globe-spanning tour to support their new album A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships in Belfast. Bringing along their largest light show yet, the band wowed fans with some seriously brilliant setpieces, including a treadmill paired with a movie backdrop that allowed the band to recreate the Broadway musical-esque video for “Silence is Scary.”

Other props included frontman Matty Healy standing in, what else, a giant iPhone.

The band also indulged in some familiar tropes, including a series of trippy, color-blasted retro-futuristic backdrops.

Thanks to our friends at NME for the list of tweets, along with their work assembling the night’s setlist! With any luck, we’ll be seeing all of these songs and fascinating stage designs at The Armory in May when the band comes to town.

The 1975 Tour-Kickoff Setlist:

Give Yourself a Try
She’s American
Love Me
Sincerity Is Scary
It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
Loving Someone
The Ballad of Me and My Brain
A Change of Heart
Narcissist (No Rome cover) (with No Rome)
How to Draw / Petrichor(Live debut)
I Like America & America Likes Me (Live debut)
Somebody Else
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) (Live debut)
Love It If We Made It
The Sound

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