Photo by Gina Reis

Sunday night, the (American) internet was shocked by a bombshell dropped by comedian and Late Late Show with James Corden head writer Ian Karmel. The funnyman twote thusly:

That’s right, apparently the Brits have been pronouncing the band Blink-182‘s name in the same manner than one might rattle off the digits of their license plate number this whole time. Naturally, this led to some lively back-and-forth on Twitter between Her Majesty’s Subjects and folks that understand the proper pronunciation of the word “spiders.” Even Karmel’s boss waded into the action.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Mark Hoppus (a great Twitter follow, trust us) issued Blink-182’s official proclamation on the debate, and not a moment too soon. We could have had another Boston Tea Party on our hands here people!

Excuse us, looks like we’ve got about 200 articles to edit that lowercase b into on our site. Thanks Mark.

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