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Twenty One Pilots released the video for “Nico and the Niners,” the second of their two new singles this morning, and it’s clear that the band is swinging for something even more high-concept than their last record Blurryface.

Doubling-down on the science-fiction aesthetic present in their video for “Jumpsuit,” TØP find themselves in the midst of a revolutionary uprising against some seriously creepy dudes in red hoods. After appearing in separate scenes in the “Jumpsuit” video, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph finally reunite onscreen midway through “Nico.”

Meeting in a dungeounesque urban space, Dun and Joseph perform an elaborate (and adorable) handshake before performing the rest of their song to a small crowd of torch-wielding rebels. It’s enough to make you think that HBO will be announcing a new limited series called Trench to go along with TØP’s new album of the same name!

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