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Just like they promised last week, indie-rock stars Vampire Weekend dropped two new songs this afternoon from their forthcoming album Father of the Bride, which they also shared a release date and cover art for.

The band’s 4th LP will be released on May 3rd, and if their four singles are anything to go on, Father of the Bride will be Vampire Weekend’s most stylistically diverse release to date. Excluding the relatively straightforward folk-pop of “Harmony Hall,” the tracks we’ve heard from Father of the Bride see the band pushing the envelope with shorter tracks and off-kilter arrangements.

“Big Blue” plays like a coda to “Harmony Hall” with meditative acoustic guitars, while “Sunflower” combines sterile Steely Dan-esque yacht funk with a rounding vocal delivery that would sound at home on an Alt-J record. Check out both new songs below!

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