Hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of eyeliner-stained tears hitting the floor, thanks to today’s news that Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman let it slip that he tried (and failed) to get emo greats My Chemical Romance to reunite for Warped Tour’s upcoming 25th Anniversary shows.

Lyman, who is admirably responsive to Warped Tour’s legion of fans on Twitter, let the cat out of the bag yesterday when he twote simply “I tried.” in response to an MCR-stan’s questions about reuniting the band for an appearance at Warped’s Atlantic City show.

He elaborated in a later reply to another member of the MCRmy, fondly recalling the band’s memorable 2005 run on Warped and Taste of Chaos, Lyman’s shorter-lived “Winter Warped Tour.”

MCRmy/Killyjoys faithful needing a hit of that good stuff would do well to watch Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, which is based on Gerard Way’s graphic novel of the same name. The soundtrack was curated by Way himself, and even features a few appearances by the former MCR frontman.

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