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First, they covered Toto‘s “Rosanna,” then “Africa,” and now indie rock legends Weezer have officially banked a cover of their pop-punk contemporaries with a performance of “All the Small Things” at Riot Fest 2018.

The cover came about because Weezer was a last-minute replacement for Blink-182 at Chicago’s Riot Fest due to Travis Barker’s recent illness. As a tribute to fans who were no doubt disappointed that Blink had to cancel, Rivers Cuomo and company released their own, slightly Weezer-fied version of the pop-punk trio’s biggest hit.

Personally, we would have been more excited for a Weezer version of “Damnit,” or maybe even a deep cut like “Reckless Abandon.” What Blink cover would you want to hear Weezer tackle?

– Iconic crossover alert! Indie-rock legend Cat Power covered R&B star Rihanna‘s “Stay.”

– Imagine Dragons have raised more than two million dollars for cancer research via their Tyler Robinson Foundation.

– Courting controversy, Lana Del Ray‘s new album title contains a cuss word. OoOoOoOoO!

– Alt-rock hitmakers Crash Test Dummies are reuniting for the twenty-fifth anniversary of their hit album!

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