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Last week, we reported that long-running indie rock outfit Weezer had finally broken their silence surrounding a viral social media campaign from a teenage fan with a simple mission. That mission was to get Weezer to cover oft-memed ’80s anthem “Africa” by Toto.

Here’s the thing, Weezer did finally respond with at Toto cover, but instead of giving fans exactly what they wanted, the band cleverly trolled their faithful by covering “Rosanna” instead. Sure, it was a dank meme, but it felt a little…I dunno…mean?

Then, finally, after letting us all collectively stew over our three-day weekend, Weezer finally delivered the goods. That’s right y’all, get ready to hear drums echo in the night, because the “Africa” cover is here.

Tune in to Ben, Dana and Giselle tomorrow starting at 6 a.m. to celebrate this wonderful song with Go 96.3!

– Panic! at the Disco did a falsetto-flaunting cover of Dua Lipa‘s “IDGAF” for the BBC.

– Jukebox the Ghost made a playlist of their favorite opening bands from their latest tour, including The Greeting Committee.

– Beach House and grunge icons Mudhoney are headlining powerhouse indie label Sub Pop‘s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

– Swedish alt-popstar Lykke Li debuted two new songs last night.

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