We’re about t-minus 162 hours from The Weeknd’s Black Friday album release for Starboy, and now the enigmatic singer is throwing a bucket of kerosene on an already raging hype-fire with two new singles featuring high-profile collabs.

Leading off, “Party Monster” features the dark, science fiction-anxiety vibes of “False Alarm” and the forthcoming record’s title track. Co-written by Lana Del Ray, “Party Monster” also gives off some of the Del Ray’s suburban gothic flavor thanks to haunting background vocals from the singer-songwriter.

Flipping over to the B-Side, The Weeknd reunites with Daft Punk for a relatively sunny leisure-disco track called “I Feel it Coming.” Full of bubbling ’80s basslines and bleached-clean guitars, the song is the perfect palate cleanser if “Party Monster” left you feeling a little creeped out.

Starboy drops November 25 for all your post-Thanksgiving listening needs.

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