If hip-hop’s 2016 can be boiled down into two artists’ storylines, those two artists would have to be Chance the Rapper and Kanye West. With Chance’s prolific output and unshakable idealism, as well as the deeply troubled Kanye and his visceral, unpredictable responses, their impact at both ends of the spectrum has created a certain balance to the year. Perhaps it’s fitting that we close 2016 with the amazing mash-up Chance the Dropout.

Assembled by DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde, the two DJs have taken a bevy of classic-sounding Kanye instrumentals (leaning toward the earlier pre-Yeezy part of his career, with the newest being from 2013) and paired them flawlessly with fitting Chance vocals for an all-Chicago feel good hit of the year.

If you “miss the Old Kanye” and can’t get enough Chance, this is the perfect soundtrack to your holiday shopping at the affordable price of free.

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