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It’s wonderful to consider that Tierra Whack and Andre 3000, two of the most eccentric boundary-pushing artists to ever enter the hip-hop realm, have at one point shared a conversation. It’s even better to note that it was so meaningful that Tierra Whack considers it the best advice she’s ever received.

As she shared with The Best Advice, Tierra said this of the valuable wisdom that Andre shared with her:

“He told me that it’s very very important to have, build and form a strong team — people just like my mentor, Kenete… I would just overthink the littlest things, just like … you know? But he will just be right there, ‘Keep going. Don’t worry. You got it. Don’t overthink.’… I was just scatterbrained with so many random, crazy ideas. It wasn’t coming together to me, but he was like, ‘No, that is you. You’re crazy. You have so many different moods and expressions.”

Watch the full clip below:

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