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What you know about podcasts?

While podcasts have been popping for over a decade, 2019 has been the year everyone from Will Ferrell to Conan O’Brien jumped on the train – and now they’re being joined by T.I.!

That’s right, T.I. is launching a podcast named ExpediTIously.

As for the question “Why now?” T.I. told Billboard why the timing was right to launch step into the podcasting world:

“Frankly, I think because I have a lot to say, and I think the world needs to hear it…People know that I am quite opinionated, but I don’t’ think I’ve ever quite had the forum to have enough uninterrupted dialogue to really convey my feelings or share my insight… I also felt that my opinions and ideas were far too big to just live on someone’s phone or on social media. I am at the point in my life where I have had so many life lessons and invaluable insight. I wanted to share, and I wanted others with even greater knowledge and rich life experiences to share their experiences in hopes of us moving the next generation forward.”

ExpediTIously premieres September 5.

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